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Mojo empowers your team's effectiveness by driving more coaching + mentoring conversations with the Mojo AI Coaching Platform.

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A lack of coaching & mentoring is holding
your team back from performing at their best

According to Deloitte, millennials who have mentors are 68% more likely to stay at a company for more than 5 years, emphasizing the significant impact of mentoring relationships on long-term employee commitment.
Wharton University of Pennsylvania's research reveals that retention rates for employees who participate in coaching and mentoring are 20% higher compared to those who do not engage in such programs, showcasing the positive influence of coaching on employee retention.
These findings underscore the importance of implementing robust coaching and mentoring programs as strategic initiatives to attract top talent and foster a culture of employee loyalty and longevity within organizations.

Generate Thousands of coaching Conversations between managers + Direct Reports.

Motivational Intelligence Content

Infuse meetings with motivational intelligence content and conversation guides provided by Mojo.This sparks meaningful discussions, fosters collaboration, and inspires yourteam to excel.

Engagement and Collaboration

With Mojo, watch as your team becomes more engaged, collaborative, and inspired during meetings. By addressing communication gaps and promoting teamwork, Mojo turns every interaction into a catalyst for growth and success.

Coaching and Mentoring Integration

Embrace Mojo as a platform where coaching and mentoring are integral components of success, not just tasks. By fostering a culture of support and development, you empower your team to perform at their best and achieve their goals.

Save your managers 5+ hours every week.

I know what you’re thinking — my managers are busy! That’s why we designed Mojo to do 90% of the coaching work for them. Using on-demand motivational intelligence content, managers can easily deliver world-class coaching.


Manager recommends content




Manager + employee

With a searchable library of coaching content produced a Global Top 20 Training Firm, managers can find what they need in seconds. And with conversation guides, they’ll know exactly how to make their coaching conversations fruitful.

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