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A lack of coaching & mentoring is holding your team back from performing at their best

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential with Coaching & Mentoring: Empower your team to perform at their best by addressing the critical need for coaching and mentoring. According to TeamStage, 3 out of 4 employees feel disconnected from their company's goals and direction, highlighting the importance of effective coaching and communication.
Drive Success Through Collaboration: Combat project failures by fostering a culture of collaboration within your organization. Salesforce reports that 86% of executives and employees attribute project failures to a lack of collaboration. By prioritizing teamwork and breaking down silos, you can enhance communication and drive greater success in your projects.
Break Down Silos for Improved Communication: Recognize the detrimental impact of silos on communication and trust between teams. Research from Shahid Beheshti University reveals that the silo effect breeds poor communication and mistrust, hindering collaboration and productivity. By breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional communication, you can foster a culture of openness and collaboration within your organization.

Generate hundreds of thousands of coaching conversations per year

Empower your managers with Mojo, a comprehensive coaching program designed to ignite meaningful conversations and unlock the full potential of your team members. With on-demand coaching content and AI support, Mojo equips managers with the tools they need to bring out the best in their people, all powered by motivational intelligence.

On-Demand Coaching Content

Access a wealth of coaching content at your fingertips, available whenever and wherever you need it. From leadership strategies to personal development tips, our curated content library provides managers with actionable insights to drive growth and development within their teams.

AI-Powered Support

Leverage the power of AI to enhance coaching interactions and provide personalized support. With Mojo's AI capabilities, managers can receive instant feedback, guidance, and suggestions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of their team members, fostering deeper connections and more impactful coaching conversations.

Motivational Intelligence

Tap into the transformative power of motivational intelligence to inspire and empower your team. By understanding the motivational drivers and emotional needs of each individual, managers can tailor their coaching approach to maximize engagement, productivity, and performance.

Save your managers 5+ hours every week

I know what you’re thinking — my managers are busy! That’s why we designed Mojo to eliminate 90% of the meeting prep and follow up time required for great leadership.


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Manager + employee

With a searchable library of coaching content produced a Global Top 20 Training Firm, managers can find what they need in seconds.  And with conversation guides, they’ll know exactly how to make their coaching conversations fruitful.

When you start a coaching program at your organization

Team Productivity Will Skyrocket: Experience a surge in team productivity as knowledge sharing becomes the norm. According to McKinsey, sharing knowledge can improve productivity by an astounding 35%.
Team Performance Will Improve: Witness a remarkable improvement in team performance through frequent knowledge sharing. Research by IDC indicates that organizations can experience significant ROI, ranging from 38% to a staggering 600%, by fostering a culture of knowledge sharing.
Team Members Will Be More Engaged and Innovative: Foster a culture of engagement and innovation among your team members. According to SHRM, co-worker support is crucial for increasing employee engagement, leading to greater creativity and innovation in the workplace.
Silos Will Break Down and Collaboration Will Increase: Break down silos and foster collaboration across your organization. Harvard Business Review highlights that employees who operate outside their silos not only learn more and sell more but also gain skills faster, leading to improved collaboration and overall organizational success.
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