The Motivational Intelligence Community

Join the motivational intelligence community. Mojo Community is designed to help executives build a successful career, with a world-class support system by their side.
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The Intelligent
Coaching Platform

Welcome to the era of intelligent coaching. Put a world-class coach in your pocket. Now with AI + motivational intelligence.
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Mojo Enterprise

Bring intelligent coaching to your organization. Embed a coaching culture into the DNA of your organization with Mojo Enterprise.
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Welcome to the Era of Intelligent Coaching

Use AI + motivational intelligence to put a world-class coach in your pocket.

Mojo AI

Use Mojo AI to get instant advice + inspiration throughout your day.  Plus save tons of time by using Mojo AI to craft your memos, emails and more.

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Daily Listen

Experience daily coaching playlists delivered directly from top executives, best-selling authors, and professional athletes. Playlists are meticulously crafted to optimize your mind, empowering you to optimize every aspect of your life.

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The Motivational Intelligence Builder Series

Learn the core fundamentals of motivational intelligence, and raise your MQ as you listen to world-renown executive coach Joe Gianni mentor one of his associates on these life changing principles live.

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Explore a vast coaching library and discover precisely what you need in a matter of seconds. Short, targeted clips ensure that you can access the exact advice you seek without the need to fast forward or rewind.

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Bring Intelligent Coaching
to Your Organization

Embed a coaching culture into the DNA of your organization with Mojo Enterprise.

Step 1:
Put a 24/7, world-class coach in everyone’s pocket.

Provide personalized coaching to all of your employees that will build resilience, foster community and retain top talent.

Step 2:
Train managers on how to use it as a tool to coach + mentor their people.

Make it effortless for your managers to provide world-class coaching to their people.  This is how coaching cultures are made.

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Join the Motivational Intelligence Community

Network with inspiring leaders from every industry. Meet inspiring executives from across the U.S. and around the world.  All members are committed to reaching their full potential as leaders.
Attend Mojo Live discussions. Join weekly roundtables to connect live with your peers in leadership. Discuss trending topics and swap best practices to level up your leadership game.
Keep the conversation going in community groups. The in-app community enables you to have conversations with other leaders at your own pace. Share stories, ask questions and provide advice on the topics most critical to you.
Zach S., Engineer
The discussions are engaging to listen to and the content is clear and easily applicable to my personal life. Aside from the content itself the app acts as a constant mental reminder of the ideas and concepts that keep my mind in peak state.
Adam S., Director of Engineering
“This has brought out things that I've always had in my core beliefs, but also has showed me my shortcomings. It fortifies and reminds me of the things I need to keep in my active conscience to act upon to act upon on a daily basis.”
Casey N., Constellation Brands
“Love the encouragement and motivation! Gives you a different outlook on situations and allows you to view them in a way you might not have viewed them before.”