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Mojo equips you with on-demand content and AI support to run inspiring meetings that bring out the best in your people. Powered by motivational intelligence.

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Inspiring meetings, done for you.

I know what you’re thinking — I’m busy! That’s why we designed Mojo to do 90% of the coaching work for them.  Using on-demand motivational intelligence content, managers can easily deliver world-class coaching.


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With a searchable library of coaching content produced a Global Top 20 Training Firm, managers can find what they need in seconds.  And with conversation guides, they’ll know exactly how to make their coaching conversations fruitful.

See immediate behavior change

Empower your employees and transform your organization with motivational intelligence content and targeted coaching conversations. Experience firsthand the power to influence behavior, shape perspectives, and unlock untapped potential within your team.

Empowering Recommendations: Each recommendation of motivational intelligence content is met with an empowering response, fostering engagement and driving positive change. Witness immediate shifts in mindset and behavior as employees embrace new ideas and approaches.
Insightful Coaching Conversations: Through personalized coaching conversations, gain invaluable insights into your employees' motivations, aspirations, and challenges. Discover hidden talents, address obstacles, and build stronger connections that drive meaningful growth and development.
Strengthened Team Culture: Notice the culture within your team strengthen with each team meeting. Foster a collaborative environment where trust, transparency, and mutual respect thrive. Watch as productivity and morale soar, and employees feel valued and empowered to contribute their best work.

Get instant answers, leadership inspiration and personalized support with Mojo AI

Tap into Decades of Expertise: Our proprietary AI model is trained on decades of proven executive strategies, training systems, and cutting-edge motivational intelligence research. Benefit from the collective wisdom of industry leaders and renowned coaches, distilled into actionable insights by Mojo AI.
Address People Problems with Ease: When faced with people problems or communication challenges, turn to Mojo AI for guidance. Whether it's resolving conflicts, improving team dynamics, or fostering a positive work environment, Mojo AI is equipped to help you navigate complex situations with confidence.
Stay in the Zone: Start your day on the right foot with Mojo AI. Whether you need a boost of motivation, a dose of inspiration, or a clear direction for your goals, Mojo AI provides personalized support to help you stay focused and productive throughout the day.
Foster Engagement and Creativity: Harness the flexibility of Mojo AI to foster engaging discussions and creative problem-solving within your team. From brainstorming sessions to team-building exercises, Mojo AI offers a wide range of prompts and scenarios to spark inspiration and collaboration.
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