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Mojo AICP (Artificial Intelligence Coaching Platform) enables leaders to provide high impact, personalized and ongoing development to their employees like magic. This immersive 4 step bootcamp is a hands-on experience that helps leaders gain complete mastery of Mojo AICP in just 1.5 hours.

Discover motivational intelligence development powered by AI
Learn why Mojo AICP is disrupting employee development
Experience initial use cases to resolve common workforce challenges
Apply Mojo AICP with your direct reports and team

Tailored for forward-thinking leaders

Mojo Bootcamp tailored for forward-thinking leaders across various organizational levels who are eager to provide ongoing development to their people. Specifically:

C-Suite Executives

Visionary leaders who shape the strategic direction of their organizations and are committed to fostering a thriving and resilient workforce.

Vice Presidents

Experienced leaders responsible for driving growth and innovation within their departments, seeking insights to effectively navigate the evolving landscape of remote work and workforce dynamics.


Dynamic decision-makers who play a pivotal role in translating organizational strategies into actionable plans, with a keen focus on nurturing talent and fostering a culture of collaboration and resilience.

Discover Motivational Intelligence Development powered by aI

Learn why motivational intelligence has been adopted by 40% of the Fortune 500 and how you can use it to develop yourself and your direct reports to handily overcome the most difficult challenges of our time.

Learn How to Apply Motivational
Intelligence on Your Team with AI Coaching

This Mojo AICP Bootcamp offers a unique opportunity to gain actionable strategies on how to use the Mojo AICP to address key challenges faced by leaders today, such as:

Engaging Remote + Hybrid Work Teams: Discover effective methods that foster connection, collaboration, and productivity within distributed teams.
Effectively Leading Younger Generations: Learn how to adapt your leadership style to effectively motivate and inspire younger generations of employees, leveraging their unique strengths and aspirations.
Promoting Coaching and Mentoring: Equip your managers with a tool that makes coaching and mentoring easy, fun and effective — empowering them to become effective coaches and mentors, driving professional development and employee engagement.
Building Organizational Resilience: Explore strategies to easily build a resilient organizational culture capable of thriving amidst rapid change and uncertainty.
Unlock Performance: Unlock the individual performance of each employee they lead and manage — and unlock the collective potential of their entire team.
Boosting Employee Mental Health: Gain insights into promoting employee well-being and mental health, fostering a supportive work environment that prioritizes holistic wellness.
Curbing Employee Turnover: Identify proactive measures to reduce employee turnover and enhance retention.
Transform into a Success Culture: Infuse motivational intelligence into your organization to create a sustainable, transformative success culture.

Learn Why AI Coaching
Is Disrupting employee Development

Mojo AICP combines AI with motivational intelligence to create an intelligent coach that can optimize human thought and change human behavior. This enables executives to:

Save 5+ hours per week

With Mojo AICP, managers can lead and motivate their team in minutes instead of hours. They’ll experience the thrill of real-time interaction with their direct reports — sharing their perspectives and leading dynamic conversations that inspire growth and innovation.

unlock 10+% performance Improvements

Mojo AICP enables on-demand, personalized motivational and tactical coaching for every employee. Employees gain daily insights and strategies to adapt to changing environments, unlock new levels of performance and lead with confidence.

Save $5M+ in training dollars per year

Mojo AICP ushers in a disruptive new pricing model that proves to be 10X more cost effective than traditional development. Now, all employees can benefit from the collective wisdom and development experiences that were once only available to top executives.

Generate 400+ conversations per day

Mojo AICP enables executives to institute a coaching and mentoring system for every employee, embedding a coaching culture into the DNA of their organization.

Experience AI Coaching powered by motivational intelligence

Experience how Mojo AICP can help you maximize your leadership impact and provide ongoing development to your team in minutes per week.

Solving Real Business Problems Immediately

Moving from Single Player to Multi Player

Unlocking Institutional Knowledge

Defining Your AI Strategy in Employee Development

Driving Change Across Industries + Functions

Lowering the Floor, Raising the Ceiling

Unlock a world of opportunities

Unlock a world of opportunities with our comprehensive AICP Bootcamp designed to empower and elevate leaders like you. The bootcamp includes:

Private Community Forum

Join our exclusive Leadership Online Forum and connect with certified leaders from diverse backgrounds across the globe. Stay connected around the clock, exchange insights, and collaborate with like-minded professionals dedicated to driving excellence in leadership.

AICP Leaders Guide

Gain access to a wealth of exclusive resources, expert tips, and tailored tutorials aimed at enhancing your leadership skills. Our AICP Leaders Guide is meticulously crafted to support you in achieving your professional goals and driving tangible results within your organization.

Mojo Live Exclusives

Immerse yourself in dynamic and interactive virtual roundtables through our Mojo Live Exclusives. Engage with fellow certified coaches from various industries and geographical locations, participate in lively discussions, and stay at the forefront of leadership trends and practices.

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