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Embed a coaching culture into the DNA of your organization

Traditional learning and development initiatives put too much emphasis on coursework. Instead, accelerate employee learning with AI coaching.

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Generate 400+ Coaching Conversations in Your Organization Every Day.

Empower your employees to learn and grow through meaningful conversations. By leveraging the natural learning process of dialogue, you can enhance engagement, retention, and performance within your organization's Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives.

Engagement through Dialogue: Give your employees the opportunity to participate in learning conversations that stimulate their curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. By actively engaging in discussions, employees become more invested in their learning journey and are motivated to apply newfound knowledge in their roles.
Retention through Peer Interactions: Foster a culture of peer learning where employees can exchange insights, experiences, and best practices with one another. According to Salesforce, 87% of employees identify conversations between peers as essential to their learning, highlighting the importance of collaborative learning environments.
Preference for Human Connection: Recognize the preference of new employees for human connection and mentorship over traditional learning management systems (LMS). As reported by HR Daily Advisor, 56% of new employees prefer having someone they can talk to for help, emphasizing the value of interpersonal interactions in the learning process.
Addressing L&D Challenges: Address dissatisfaction with traditional L&D efforts by shifting towards a conversation-driven approach. According to TeamStage, 75% of managers express dissatisfaction with current L&D practices, suggesting a need for more engaging and effective learning methodologies.
L&D without
ongoing coaching + mentoring

Employees on average forget 90% of
what they learn within one week.

Learning Solutions Magazine
L&D with ongoing coaching + mentoring

Discussing, demonstrating, practicing,
and teaching increases knowledge
retention rates by 90%

National Training Laboratory

Supercharge the ROI of Your Existing Learning Programs

Traditional learning programs may struggle to deliver significant returns on investment. By integrating Mojo into your organization's learning initiatives, you can revolutionize these programs into dynamic, growth-oriented platforms that generate a soaring ROI. Our personalized coaching and mentoring approach ensures that every learning opportunity translates into tangible professional development and measurable results.

Personalized Coaching and Mentoring: With Mojo, employees receive personalized guidance and support tailored to their individual needs and goals. This targeted approach ensures that learning experiences are relevant, engaging, and impactful, leading to accelerated growth and skill development.
Transformative Professional Development: By leveraging Mojo's coaching and mentoring capabilities, organizations can unlock the full potential of their employees. Our platform facilitates continuous learning and skill enhancement, empowering individuals to thrive in their roles and contribute to organizational success.
Maximize Return on Investment: Organizations that implement coaching programs experience a remarkable 7x return on their investment, according to the International Coaching Federation. By harnessing the power of Mojo, organizations can achieve similar results by enhancing employee performance, productivity, and satisfaction.

Save your managers 5+ hours every week with intelligent coaching.

I know what you’re thinking — my managers are busy! That’s why we designed Mojo to eliminate 90% of the meeting prep and follow up time required for great leadership.


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With a searchable library of coaching content produced a Global Top 20 Training Firm, managers can find what they need in seconds. And with conversation guides, they’ll know exactly how to make their coaching conversations fruitful.

Unlock Employee Performance

Unlock untapped potential and elevate employee performance with the Mojo Coaching App. Our platform equips individuals and teams with the tools and insights needed to consistently deliver their best, driving success and growth within your organization.

Empower your employees to reach new heights of performance and success with the Mojo Coaching App.

With our personalized approach to coaching and proven track record of results, we enable individuals and teams to unleash their full potential and drive impactful outcomes for your organization.

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