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Steve P.

The Harris Poll

“Mojo gives an entirely new perspective on what characteristics successful individuals have. It's a new way for me to frame big decisions and their impact on my life, and a new thought process by which I can approach problems”

Adam S.

Director of Engineering

“This has brought out things that I've always had in my core beliefs, but also has showed me my shortcomings. It fortifies and reminds me of the things I need to keep in my active conscience to act upon to act upon on a daily basis. I am committed to practicing these principles because I want to succeed at life.”

Casey N.

Constellation Brands

“Love the encouragement and motivation! Gives you a different outlook on situations and allows you to view them in a way you might not have viewed them before.”

Steve D.


“Mojo gives me the time/stories/material to be introspective and better understand what I really want and believe - and how to exercise those thoughts to make them a reality.”

Michael J.

Lincoln Financial

“A different way to view things. I’ve done a lot of reading and listening in regards to motivation and emotional IQ etc. but I like the focus of motivational intelligence.”

John C.

ANCO Builders LLC.

“Mojo gives me reminders of the lessons I have forgotten or ignored. Going back to the lessons, I always hear something new or reinforce your mindset."

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May Reyes

HR Manager, Woodland Foods

Mike Moran

Director of National Accounts, Ivoclar Vivadent

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