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Today's professionals enjoy the best pay and flexibility ever. Yet there's a surprising trend: unhappiness at work has never been higher. After decades of hands-on research, we found something simple but crucial: the happiest and most productive employees all have something called "motivational intelligence." Now, we're empowering organizations to harness that power at scale. By optimizing mindsets and driving behavior change, Mojo helps organizations boost workforce motivational intelligence at scale — leading to big changes in how people work and feel. Imagine a workplace where every single employee is not only happy to be there, but motivated to become their absolute best. This isn't just another learning or wellness solution — it's a game-changer that is redefining how we succeed at work. Embrace the future and unleash the untapped potential within your organization!

Motivational Intelligence (MQ): A person’s ability to identify and manage negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs in order to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals.

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Builder #1 in the Motivational Intelligence Builder Series on Mojo introduces the concept of motivational intelligence.

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