Mojo Enterprise enables motivational intelligence coaching, at scale.

designed for companies that
invest in their people

Personalized coaching,
available 24/7

Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, employees can chat with a coach 24/7, 365 days per year. With 99% uptime, personalized leadership coaching now has unlimited scale.

Now streaming

With mobile first design, employees can access Mojo anytime, anywhere in the world. And with a library of audio content, it’s easy for them to listen on the go and get their daily fix.


Mojo is backed by Global Top 20 Training Firm, 2logical. Mojo is noted as the most
highly recommended employee benefit available according to data from The Harris Poll.

300X More
Learning Points

Instead of a just a few points of knowledge transfer each year, Mojo enables unlimited learning points per day. This translates into over 300X more reinforcement than traditional methods.

What is Motivational Intelligence?

Motivational intelligence is a unified theory of motivation proven to increase accountability, adaptability, resilience, initiative and courage.

Motivational Intelligence is backed by Nobel Prize winning research
Supported by studies out of Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Oxford
Been called “one of the most significant scientific advancements of the 21st century”

How We Work with Companies

The $51M Problem

Because motivational intelligence (MQ) is all about what drives people, low MQ costs the average 10,000 person company over $51M per year in lost productivity and turnover.

in Lost Productivity

Organizations lose an annual average of $23.49M in lost productivity (per 10,000 employees) to low motivational intelligence.

in turnover

Organizations with low motivational intelligence incur an annual average of $28M in turnover costs (per 10,000 employees).

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