Friday, May 12th, 2023 | 12:00 – 1:30pm EST.

Team Building with Motivational Intelligence

This workshop focuses on helping leaders of all levels build championship teams, using the most cutting-edge insights on what drives human performance.

People are stressed and disengaged…

Virtualized work teams, the great resignation, quiet quitting, return to work, lack of employee engagement, employee wellness/mental health and a highly dynamic economic environment. These are but a few of the issues challenging executive leaders today. Successfully navigating these challenges requires new levels of insight, updated strategic approaches and better tools to engage our workforces.

A new kind of team building is required.

Team Building with Motivational Intelligence focuses on helping leaders use the most cutting-edge insights on what drives human performance to engage their people and keep them motivated — so they do what they need to do to succeed (and have fun along the way).

Drawn upon recent discoveries from the fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology, the course leverages Nobel prize-winning research to show leaders how to remove the Motivational Intelligence barriers that are holding back their culture, teams and employees.If you are interested in helping your organization to be more accountable, adaptable, resilient, initiative-driven and courageous, this workshop is right for you.

Are you a leader who is looking to...

Increase Initiative and self-motivation

Quickly adapt your team to change

Gain more buy-in to new goals and strategies

Transform your team culture

Effectively mentor every team member

Improve communication and collaboration

The key differentiating factor between people who succeed and those who struggle or ultimately fail is their Motivational Intelligence (MQ). It is the third and most influential level of human intelligence. Having a high IQ and EQ in no way guarantees a person’s success, having a high MQ does. MQ is the common thread in every great human endeavor, every triumph, every significant obstacle overcome.

Through this workshop participants will learn tools, techniques and strategies how to increase the Motivational Intelligence (MQ) of their team and how to leverage the Growth Mindset that it creates. They will walk away with powerful insights on how to be a better people leader and better coach/mentor to their team.

Motivation shouldn’t be complicated…in this workshop you'll learn

  • How to motivate anyone to an extreme level, regardless of tenure, personality, function or industry.
  • How to make your life 10X easier as a manager — and save your people time in the process
  • The weekly team habit that will be life changing for your people, and bring you closer as a team
  • How to make your people WANT to participate in team building exercises by making them the best part of their week
  • Why motivated teams perform better, accomplish more, are more profitable, earn more recognition
  • The highest ROI program you can implement as a leader
  • How to make your existing strategies start to work like magic
  • How to motivate anyone in seconds (especially important for busy managers!)
  • How these principles will deliver results, build your reputation and attract new opportunities for you and your team
A special event with a Top 20 Global Training Firm CEO, Joe Gianni

As the Founder and CEO of Global Top 20 Training Firm, 2logical, Joe has overseen the implementation of industry leading motivational intelligence (MQ) training solutions by forward thinking executives at 40% of the Fortune 500, in 97 countries around the world.For millions of individuals, this has meant healthier minds, enriched lives + more abundant careers. For thousands of organizations, this has meant more talented employees, higher performance and better retention.