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Mojo Teams makes it easy.

The Most Powerful Team Building Experience Ever Made.

As a top 20 global training firm, we help teams become the best in the world at what they do. To achieve this, we focus on team building and individual mentoring. To make the experience easy and cost-effective, we developed a software platform called Mojo.

We start by onboarding new teams onto the platform and then work directly with them for four weeks. Apply to join us and see what your team can achieve.

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Great leaders always want to do more team building...

Great leaders always want to help their people become their best -- just because they care. But they also recognize that an engaged + motivated team makes their life 10X easier. Everyone is doing what needs to be done without nudges from you? Say goodbye to fire fighting and say hello to nirvana.

...but they don't always have time.

With a million tasks on their plate (and a million more balls in the air), who has time to brainstorm, research and prep for great team building meetings?

Mojo means no more meeting prep.

Each week, everyone on your team will be sent an on-demand coaching session to listen to prior to your meeting -- eliminating the need for you to teach or lecture on concepts live. No more game of telephone required.

An executive coach will work directly with your team...

A Mojo Coach will work directly with you and your team -- running a series of team building meetings for you, so you can experience how they're run.

...and provide you with the exact meeting agenda's they use.

They'll even show you the exact leaders guide they use to facilitate (hint: it's easy). After 4 weeks, you'll notice your team is more energized and motivated -- this is how you will know that the Mojo team building experience works.

Start with the Motivational Intelligence Builder Series...

An 11 step Builder Series developed by Global Top 20 Training Company 2logical's CEO, who is one of the top executive coaches in the world. This program outlines the core principles of motivational intelligence. Each step includes a 30-60 minute audio coaching session that can be listened to on-demand from anywhere in the world -- and a meeting agenda for discussing the concepts as a group.

...then get tactical...

After the MQ Builder Series, you can get tactical in your weekly team meetings. With 100's of coaching sessions and easy Search, you can quickly find sessions on topics like "Accountability", "Adaptability", "Anxiety", "Resilience", "Initiative", "Courage" and more. Simply send to the group, and ask how the concepts covered apply to your team and their roles.

...enhance 1 on 1's...

With the Mojo coaching library, you can even choose a different coaching session for each team member to listen to prior to your regular 1 on 1's -- then discuss their thoughts and learnings when you meet.

...provide additional 24/7 mentoring...

In addition to team building tools, everyone also gets 24/7 access to individual mentoring. Traditionally, this would be absurdly expensive -- and employees would only get access to their mentor a few hours per month (if they're lucky).

With Mojo AI, every employee gets 24/7 access to your own personal mentor — for about 1% of the cost. You can go to Mojo AI with anything that’s on your mind. And it’s trained on motivational intelligence so the answers not only tell people what to do, but actually motivate them to do it.

...and direct access to the world's best minds.

It’s hard enough to find someone to mentor you. It’s even harder to find someone who is the best at what they do.

With Daily Listen, we give people access to insights from top minds, and organize them into a personalized playlist you can listen to every day.

You’ll hear directly from top trainers, world renown coaches, accomplished executives, best selling authors and professional athletes.

Apply to join as a team.

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What is the ongoing investment for Mojo Teams?

$5k/year per team (up to 20 people).

What features does the Mojo platform have?
  • Mojo AI: Personalized advice to motivate anyone in seconds.
  • Daily Listen: A daily motivation habit will change your life.
  • Resources: In-depth resources that fuel weekly team building.
  • Search: Motivate anyone, instantly.
  • Community: Weekly check-ins + challenges to keep your team on track.