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Performance Management, Change Management + Employee Development

Performance Reviews
Mojo can be used to make performance reviews more helpful, more inspiring and less work.
1 on 1 Coaching + Mentoring
Leaders can recommend specific sessions to their direct reports based on the challenges they face, the areas they struggle with and the opportunities ahead.
Meetings Integration
Mojo can be easily incorporated into your existing meetings by assigning a session as pre-work, and discussing it’s applicability to your work + team dynamic.
Coaching Groups
It’s easy to run coaching groups that progress through Mojo programs together - with step by step instructions + leaders guides.

Employee Well-being + Retention

Rewards Program
Employees can join the Mojo Rewards program, where they can earn points for participation, engagement + referrals, and redeem for exciting prizes.
Individual + Team Challenges
Employees can participate in ongoing individual + team challenges on Mojo, and enter to win prizes for participation.
Mojo Live Watch Parties
Bring groups together + tune into Mojo’s ongoing live streams that feature experts + celebrities.
Motivational Messages
With a library of motivational messages + media, Mojo can be easily used to add a dose of inspiration to all ongoing company communications.



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  • Meeting kits for running your own on-demand coaching groups
    Guides for running performance reviews + goal planning sessions
    Motivational boosters to add into weekly meetings
    Mojo Studio access includes a motivational library with thousands of audio, video + visual media clips you can use to motivate your people.
  • Full coaching curriculums + planning frameworks for you and your team
  • iOS + web apps you can access anytime, anywhere