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About Mojo

Mojo was designed for people dedicated to becoming the best, and companies that care about helping their people on that journey. They believe motivation, adaptability and mental wellbeing are the keys to thriving in the modern world — and they’re constantly looking for ways to stretch further and ascend higher in these areas. We call these people New Professionals— and our mission is to make the personal development journey as easy, powerful and affordable as it can be for them and their people. Learn more Here.

What is Motivational Intelligence?

Motivational Intelligence (MQ): A person’s ability to identify and manage negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs in order to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals.

At the intersection of the most cutting-edge research in neuroscience and the most recent discoveries in cognitive psychology is the most powerful insight about us, as human beings. It’s about what unlocks us, what opens up our mind and what allows us to achieve and accomplish more. It is Motivational Intelligence (MQ).

Based upon the most influential and extensively studied aspect of modern-day social psychology, the science behind Motivational Intelligence has won a Nobel Prize and been named as one of the top ten most promising scientific discoveries of the 20th century. Motivational Intelligence answers the age old questions of "why".

Why do some people succeed while others flounder? Why are some people able to readily adapt while others can’t seem to get out of their own way? Why do some people give up at the slightest resistance while other doggedly persist?The key differentiating factor between people who succeed and those who struggle or ultimately fail is their Motivational Intelligence. It is the third and most influential level of human intelligence.
Having a high IQ and EQ in no way guarantees a person’s success, having a high MQ does. MQ is the common thread in every great human endeavor, every triumph, every significant obstacle overcome.

Getting Started

If you are joining Mojo as an individual, we recommend starting with Personal Vision, our guided program for creating and evolving a cohesive vision for your life. After you complete this program, we suggest you complete Quarterly Plan, a guided framework for developing a plan to crush your quarter.

For members joining as a team, we suggest starting with Leadership Vision, a guided program for creating and evolving a cohesive vision for your team or business. After your team completes this, you should move on to the Quarterly Plan, a guided framework for developing a plan to crush your quarter.

What else do I get access to with my membership?

• Exclusive live streams + podcasts with experts + celebrities
• Daily coaching playlists• Searchable coaching library featuring coaching sessions, interviews + tips
• Full coaching curriculums + planning frameworks used by top executives in 90+ countries
• Leadership toolkit for managing + motivating your team
• Members-only discussion groups + forums
• Expert-led coaching groups facilitated by top trainers + coaches
• iOS + web apps you can access anytime, anywhere

Enable Motivational Intelligence
within you and your people.

We believe continual development of motivation and adaptability (i.e. motivational intelligence) is the best way for people and companies to improve economic returns, enhance quality of life and realize their dreams.