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Keep your employees at the top of their game

People are stressed...

Half of your employees under 45 will be completely overwhelmed by stress today. So much so that they won’t be able to function. Their mental health will plummet, they’ll eat poorly (if at all), they’ll feel physically run down and sick, and they won’t have energy for their hobbies. That’s not a problem a pizza party can solve.

Top performers manage stress differently than the rest of the population.  It’s what makes them great.  Mojo Enterprise leverages these insights at scale — to keep your people feeling motivated and on top of their game, regardless of the situations or circumstances they run into.

Motivate Anyone
Personalized coaching that works for anyone

Mojo AI can motivate anyone to an extreme level in seconds, regardless of tenure, personality, function or industry.

Highly Recommended Employee Benefit
Wildly popular among employees

Mojo features the voices of best-selling authors, top trainers, accomplished executives and professional athletes — driving fast initial adoption. And since Mojo is the most highly recommended employee benefit available (via data from The Harris Poll) — once employees join, they keep coming back for more.

No Greater Asset
Ground breaking ROI

There is simply no greater asset than a highly motivated workforce. With it, you can accomplish anything. Without it, brace for frustration — because healthcare costs will rise, absenteeism will grow and turnover will accelerate.

Produced by top 2o company
Research backed insights

Mojo’s award-winning insights are produced by a Global Top 20 Training Firm, backed by Nobel Prize winning research and supported by studies out of Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Oxford. This unified theory, known as motivational intelligence, has been called “one of the most significant scientific advancements of the 21st century.

Get people excited about their future
Your most urgent need

With mental health cases at record highs, there is no more urgent need for businesses to solve amongst their workforce. Stress, anxiety and depression are at crippling levels. As we cut expenses and get leaner, these issues only grow — estimated to cost US employers nearly $1 trillion this year alone. The problem? The usual approaches to mental health aren’t working… so let’s get people excited about their future.

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How do we work with companies?

Employee Benefits:
We can easily provide access to Mojo so all employees can use it for themselves via your existing benefits pathways.

Leaders & Managers:
We provide instant access to all employees, and equip managers with the tools they need to use Mojo with their teams.

Enterprise-Wide Initiatives:
We work with executives to oversee a company-wide initiative that provides instant access to employees, along with ongoing guidance, support and accountability from HR.

What features does the Mojo platform have?
  • Mojo AI: Personalized advice to motivate anyone in seconds.
  • Daily Listen: A daily motivation habit will change your life.
  • Resources: In-depth resources that fuel weekly team building.
  • Search: Motivate anyone, instantly.
  • Community: Weekly check-ins + challenges to keep your team on track.